Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mixed Animals.

Taylor Clutter and I volunteered at Gocio Elementary school for our freshmen year. For the 2nd semester of the school year, we worked with the Art Club painting puzzle pieces. We both had a lot of fun with the children teaching them small techniques about art and they taught us in return on having patients an just have fun with art. As a farewell gift Taylor and I decided to draw pictures for the children. We both did our own pictures of animals, but, not just any animals two animal combined as one. Here are the animals that I drew for them.


  1. Looks great Ash! I like the baboon bat and 'Gater Elk the most :)

  2. Hi, I loved the cow dog at the begining of the page. Great job. See you on August.

  3. your writing skills will get you far in life, keep going! :)