Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finished Character Sheet

After long hours I finished my character sheet. YAY!!!!

Meet Alfanso -so the badger

In his youth he used to be Alfanso the sexy badger but now in his old age he is just so-so. That doesn't sit well with him so the world must must suffer for his so-so-ness.
Hehe I love him my ill-tempered badger. He was a blast to design and figure out. Now lets see how well he looks animated. ( animation coming soon )

Spring Break

For spring break I stayed on campus cause I couldn't afford to go home. So I went on a sketch crawl with really fun people, work on my character design, and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity.

The sketch crawl was a blast. Just sit there in a big group and draw the same person. At times I felt the person we were drawing got really uncomfortable.

Spring Break Cont.

My homework over spring break was to design the character I was given. So I had to do 100 silhouettes of a badger. The motive was to make each individual badger different from the last. So I can break out of the generic design of a badger and come up with something different. It was enjoyable to make the badger in different shapes. A long process but fun.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Cont.

For Habitat for Humanity a few of my friends and I helped clean up a wall that's in bad shape and help prep a house for a family in need by sodding the backyard and front yard and cleaning up the home.
What I did was help the neighborhood by cleaning up this beat up, graffitied, dirty wall by washing it down, patching up the holes, and giving it a new paint job.

Before the clean up

During the painting

After all the hard work

It felt great to help out even in a little way like painting a beat up wall. The community was appreciative for the hard work we did by thanking us as the drove by or even giving us cokes or treats. It was a whole sum feeling that I was doing something that made them happy. It not about the praise or the treats, it was about the relief and high spirits these people got when they saw a simple wall being cleaned up.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Final Flour Sack

Unknown Reflection from Ashley Graham on Vimeo

Here is my 2nd flour sack jump. My sack see its reflection in a mirror but doesn't know know its his reflection and thinks its another sack mocking him. I feel there are a few jittery moments. But, all in all I wanted to try something hard and I think I pulled it off.