Monday, April 26, 2010

Observational Color

Well I been behind on keep this blog up. Its the end of the semester and I have no more excuses. So here are of few of my paintings I have done in Observational Color. Starting from the oldest to the newest.

This one is suppose to make my view fell like a particular season. It's summer by the way.

This project was to apply theory of color and what colors I observed.

For this project we had to do a posterized monochromatic painting. One of the painting had to show the value scale of black an white and the other with one color.

This one is all about theory of color.

I had to find an analogues within nature and then paint it. My colors are yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow green.

For this one i had to paint complementary colors within a still life

I had to go out and draw silhouettes of objects and design them will thinking what colors to use. The first one is cool colors in the back and warm in the front. While the second one has warm in the back and cools in the front.

I had to pick colors that were equal distance on a color wheel and make a interesting design in a box and the paint them as correct as I could to the colors that were in the box. For my colors I picked Blue-green, yellow- orange, and red-violet.