Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well my freshman year ended May 3 and I'm just now announcing it. (hehehehe) That year went by so fast and I learned so much. I would say the first semester was slow for me and I really didn't see much change. But, at the end of the year I saw a lot of improvement and I learned a lot of lesson that will help me become a better artist.
For the summer I will draw as much as I can, hang out with my family by hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc..., and take a summer course at the community college to knock out some classes. Oh ya, also prepare myself for next year. At the end of summer I will post up all my work so I hope everyone has awesome summer and a relaxing one.

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  1. Yeah you definitely improved. Keep up the good work! I'm taking a couple of classes at my local university too! It feels great that I don't have any deadlines lol. Can't wait to see what everyone draws this summer!