Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Cont.

For Habitat for Humanity a few of my friends and I helped clean up a wall that's in bad shape and help prep a house for a family in need by sodding the backyard and front yard and cleaning up the home.
What I did was help the neighborhood by cleaning up this beat up, graffitied, dirty wall by washing it down, patching up the holes, and giving it a new paint job.

Before the clean up

During the painting

After all the hard work

It felt great to help out even in a little way like painting a beat up wall. The community was appreciative for the hard work we did by thanking us as the drove by or even giving us cokes or treats. It was a whole sum feeling that I was doing something that made them happy. It not about the praise or the treats, it was about the relief and high spirits these people got when they saw a simple wall being cleaned up.

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