Friday, October 23, 2009

Yea!! Program

For my whole year I will be working with a volunteer group called The Yea!!! Program. I help teachers, from a local school, with any particular project they want to do but are not sure how to execute them and teach little kids about art.

My partner and I are go to Gocio Elementary to help out once a week with the art department teacher. For the first semester we are teaching the children the basics of animation. The art teacher either lets us teach the 4th graders or the 5th graders depending on the level of the project. For the first class we taught was the 4th grader. And, we showed them the motion of the body. My partner brought in his wired sculptures that show a person jumping over a wall. once we showed the children the idea of what we are doing with them, we broke them up in teams of 4 and had them do one movement of what ever scene they chose. They seem to really enjoy that project and learned a lot about how the body moves.

Here are what the children did for there projects.....

A person doing a back flip

A person jumping over a wall and landing in the splits

A person lifting weights

A person roller skating

A person kicking a soccer ball

A person doing a hand stand

A person throwing a football

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